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Become an operational retail manager Custom training programmes by GBH together with Neoma Business School

for the training and integration of young people

In 2011, as part of its commitment to developing the skills of its employees and future employees GBH initiated year-long work-study certificate training programmes (3 years’ higher education) for department managers and operational retail managers (ROD) in partnership with Neoma Business School and Opcalia*. The 96 students who completed this programme will be able to progress to managerial positions through seven classes offered in the West Indies, French Guiana and Reunion Island.

This system makes it possible to promote an employee who already has a permanent contract in a subsidiary who might have the potential to hold a managerial position with responsibilities, but also to recruit new employees by means of a professional training contract before considering a permanent contract at the end of the training programme, if it was conclusive and validated.

Regarding the West Indies-Guiana, after the Department Manager University Diploma (DUMAR) in 2011 with 41 graduates, the ROD programme was set up in September 2014 (12 students), followed by two classes in 2015 (eight students) and in 2016 (ten students). Thus, in the French West Indies-Guiana, a total of 30 students have been able to acquire a global vision of management and skills in business, management and cross-disciplinary functions.

Given this success, a fourth class will begin in the French West Indies-Guiana on Monday, 23 October 2017.