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Mr. Bricolage and La Yole united to integrate young Martiniquans

for the training and integration of young people

Mr. Bricolage has sponsored the "Yole du Robert" since 2003. Led by the Las Palmas association, which aims to promote the social integration of youth from the city of Le Robert who are experiencing difficulties, this activity involves them in a collective and unifying project: the construction and maintenance of a round skiff and training of its crew. Skiffs are traditional Martiniquan boats and the Tour des Yoles Rondes, a one-week team race which consists of sailing around the island, is a major event in Martinique. The Las Palmas association, which upholds the values​of integration, prevention, sharing and progress, knowing how to live together, and the passing on of experience and know-how from those with more experience to younger people, has appealed to Mr. Bricolage in such a way that the brand has been its exclusive partner since 2010.