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Employee journey

Our employees describe their experience across various professions, sectors of activity and territories.

Christine Martin

Director of human resources, Automobiles Réunion, Réunion

Christine Martin began her career at GBH in mass retail as a manager in the checkout sector. In 2008, she became a human resources manager, then in 2015 seized the opportunity to further her career as HR Director of Automobiles Réunion, an organisation of 360 employees. ‘The Group respects people. It trusts us and gives us the freedom to be enterprising.

Elarni Garcia

Apprentice human resources assistant, Carrefour Matoury

Leila Dixit

Deputy Section manager, Carrefour matoury

Elarni Garcia and Leila Dixit describe their career pathway within the Group. After obtaining a university technical diploma in marketing techniques, Elarni Garcia undertook her internship at Carrefour Matoury before being hired. ‘At GBH, I have the chance to hold a position of responsibility and remain in the region I grew up in, while doing my master’s at the same time! I love my country, so to be able to develop my career in French Guiana is a real opportunity for me.
After obtaining a vocational training certificate in customer relations and negotiation, Leila Dixit joined Carrefour Matoury in the role of deputy section manager. ‘GBH gives young Guianese people a chance, and I hope to rise to the position of sector manager.’

Eric Donate

section leader, Carrefour Matoury

Henrick Henrick Perret

Carrefour trainee butcher, apprentice in work-study programme

A meat department manager for 11 years, Éric ‘came to French Guiana to pass on his knowledge to Guianese youth’. To contribute to the integration and skills development of young Guianese people, Carrefour Matoury established a partnership with the high school in Mana to train young people for one year in mass retail roles, particularly those in the meat department. Éric thus oversees Henrick Perret ‘in practice’, while he trains through a work-study programme as an apprentice in the store. To this end, ‘GBH gives young people a chance to train and develop their careers, while helping the country too.’

Geoffrey Ruffinel

Deputy frozen section manager, Carrefour Matoury, French Guiana

Joséphine Kago

Assistant accountant, Carrefour Matoury, French Guiana

With a group like this offering in-house training for skills development, I will have the opportunity to become store manager’, confides Geoffrey.
As for Joséphine, she focuses on ‘team spirit and togetherness – Carrefour’s watchwords – where we help each other a lot’.

Geoffrey Ruffinel and Joséphine Kago – both enthusiastic and attached to their region – are ardent supporters of French Guiana, praising its modernity, culture, diversity and opportunities.

Jeannette Saoud

Quality manager, Carrefour, Martinique

Jeannette Saoud joined Carrefour Dillon after completing degrees in biology and biochemistry. She describes her role: ‘I have three objectives: to guarantee customers’ food safety, the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers’. In addition to these, there are environmentally conscious initiatives to avoid wastage, such as donations to the food bank.

Joël Bardury

Human resources manager, Guyane Automobile

Following an atypical route via a master’s in science and techniques of sport and physical activities, then business school, Joël Bardury obtained a master’s in human resources and joined GBH in 2013 as HR assistant at Guyane Automobile. In 2016, he became human resources manager. ‘GBH trusts us; we have a great deal of independence in our work. GBH’s human values are common to all the subsidiaries of the Group. We are also actively involved in the integration of young people; we mainly recruit young Guianese people on apprenticeship contracts.

Laurent Nurbel

Director of the Hyundai and Volvo dealership in Mauritius

After 15 years in the Renault group, Laurent Nurbel joined GBH in 2008 in the role of managing director of Runcar in Réunion, before taking the reins at Hertz – another of the Group’s subsidiaries – in 2012, again in Réunion. In 2018, a new challenge awaited him at the helm of the Hyundai and Volvo dealership in Mauritius. ‘I discovered career development was possible at GBH. Each employee gets recognition for their work, their value, and that touched me on a personal level; that’s what matters for me.

Loic Drané

Second-hand vehicle operations leader, Guyane Automobile

After obtaining a university technical diploma in marketing techniques, Loïc Drané joined Norauto in French Guiana in 2014. Thanks to this initial experience, he was able to finance the rest of his studies. Following a detour via music and metropolitan France, in 2016 Loïc decided to return to French Guiana, where he worked in the automotive industry and was hired as a salesperson at Guyane Automobile. In 2017, Loïc was promoted to second-hand vehicle operations leader. ‘GBH is committed to the youth of French Guiana; Guyane Automobile supports a youth association and helps them access employment.

Maeva Chenneberg

Human resources manager, Decathlon, Martinique

Mickael Morel

Water sports manager, Decathlon, Réunion

Maeva Chenneberg is involved in recruiting sports enthusiasts and maintaining a convivial in-house and client-oriented atmosphere. ‘The objective is to allow young people to enter the job market.’

Joining Decathlon in 2013 as a salesperson, Mickael Morel, a sports enthusiast, benefited from an in-house training course in 2017 provided by GBH to develop his skills and access the position of section manager. ‘The Group gave me the chance to progress, and that was a huge opportunity for me.

Marius Cosset

Renault Minute manager, Guyane Automobile

Marius Cosset described his career development within Guyane Automobile and the various activities he undertakes in French Guiana. He joined Guyane Automobile in 1998 as a mechanic. In 2005, he was promoted to team leader, then in 2014, he took a one-year managerial course and became the manager of Renault Minute. ‘GBH gives young people a chance, offering training courses to help them advance.

Mehdi Berrekama

Director of Hyundai, Réunion

Joining the Group in 2001 as a new-vehicle salesman at one of its subsidiaries, Mehdi Berrekama became head of the Group in 2008, then the following year head of sales. In 2014, he was appointed director of the Hyundai dealership. In eight years, Mehdi advanced from a sales position to one of managing director. ‘GBH is a group that offers career development prospects and gives everyone a chance. I pass on this chance to my whole team each day to ensure we’re all heading in the same direction.

Myke Petricien

Director of Karupneus, Guadeloupe

From an academic background in France then Trinidad, Myke Petricien joined GBH in the role of TTTL sales director in 2008. In 2012, he became director of NPS in Réunion, before continuing his journey in Guadeloupe in 2017 at the head of the company Karupneus. ‘Why did I choose GBH? I'm involved and advancing in a Martiniquais group with an international outlook.

Myriam Jacques

Director of Guyane Automobile

Myriam Jacques joined GBH in 2003 in the role of director of communications at Renault Réunion, before becoming director of imports in 2004, then sales director the following year. In 2008, she took over management of the Renault Réunion dealership. In 2009, she was promoted to the position of deputy director of Guyane Automobile in French Guiana. Three years later, Myriam left for Martinique to take up the position of deputy director of Martinique Automobiles, before returning to French Guiana as director of the Guyane Automobile dealership. ‘At GBH, people are one of our core concerns. In French Guiana, we make every effort to ensure young Guianese people have access to careers within the Group.

Philippe Rubal

Director of Mr. Bricolage Destreland, Guadeloupe

After arriving at GBH in 1998 for the opening of the first Mr. Bricolage in Martinique, Philippe Rubal continued his career at the same company in Guadeloupe as a buyer for both stores in 2002. He was then appointed as deputy director for the subsidiary in Destreland in 2007, then in 2016 became deputy director of the Les Abymes store, where he implemented the entity's expansion, before continuing the adventure and taking over management of Mr. Bricolage Destreland. ‘Independence is one of the Group's essential values, alongside precision.

Thierry Lebon

Miscellaneous household equipment sector manager, Carrefour, Réunion

Audrey Boyer

Section leader, Mr. Bricolage, Réunion

In 2001, Thierry Lebon joined GBH on Réunion as part of a work-study programme through his course at a business school specialising in mass retail. Two years later, he was hired as a self-service assistant, soon becoming deputy section leader then frozen section leader. In 2012, Thierry was promoted to miscellaneous household equipment department manager. ‘At GBH, we can do anything we set our minds to!
In 2016, Audrey Boyer took her first steps at Mr. Bricolage as a substitute salesperson for two weeks. She was offered vocational training to become a section leader, a position she took up in 2018. ‘GBH offers career development prospects. I will have the opportunity to continue my development in the Group.

Thierry Myrtil

Trainer, Martinique Automobiles

After obtaining a vocational training certificate in motorbike mechanics, Thierry Myrtil started out at GBH in 1990 as a mechanic. In 1994, he moved on to a position as expert rare breakdown technician and technical coordinator, before becoming head of training in 2005. ‘Passing on knowledge is an immense joy’ for Thierry, who each day shares what he has learned to develop co-workers’ skills, but also to promote the professional integration of young Martiniquais.

Véronique Stanislas

Section leader, Carrefour Destreland, Guadeloupe

At Carrefour Destreland from the very beginning as a checkout assistant in 1990, Véronique Stanislas became a self-service assistant in 1992, then in 1994, a senior employee. In 2014, she was selected to undertake in-house training for the role of section manager provided by GBH. The objective being to orient employees with great potential towards roles with responsibility. On receiving her certificate, Véronique was able to take on the role of section leader in 2016. ‘What I like about GBH is that we’re given the opportunity for advancement within the Group. I am proud of my career path!