GBH committed to training young people in sales and retail

for the training and integration of young people

With the introduction of the work-study programme “Distrisup”, certified by the enterprise and national universities network, the mission of GBH in partnership with the EGC business school in Martinique and the IAE management school on Réunion Island is to train young people in sales and retail trades.

Eleven students from Réunion Island and 20 from the French West Indies and French Guiana have started their one-year course, alternating classes and a job at GBH subsidiaries with the aim of becoming aisle managers.

The objective of this course is to train professionals who are already working as well as young people studying three essential retail skills: business, logistics and management. They share their experience along the entire team of professionals who guide them on their journey!

Over 10 years, GBH has trained almost 180 employees in retail trades in view of giving them the keys to occupying management positions at Carrefour, Mr. Bricolage and Decathlon stores.

Undertaking for the training and integration of young people

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